Having Meaningful Discussions with your Managers

Most CEO’s don’t have a productive method for discussing operations with their senior managers. We’ve found that the secret to useful discussions lies in creating a structure that everyone understands – so everyone is prepared and no one is surprised.

  • What’s going on in sales? How’s quoting activity? How about orders booked, and sales projections for this month (and beyond)?
  • How’s the plant doing? How busy are we? Do we have enough work for the plant? Are we productive, or just looking busy?
  • What’s going on with our finances? How’s our billing? How about collections? What about borrowings against the line of credit? What do this month’s financial statements show?

We’ve developed four discussion outlines that CEO’s can use in structuring weekly and monthly discussions with their top executives in sales, manufacturing, production / customer service and finance. Dozens of our clients have put these discussion guides to use. The outlines are built around a few key pieces of information that virtually every company has lying around in some form or another.

We’ve also developed a series of discussion outlines specifically for the managers of your various plant departments.

If you’d like to get the outlines, just e-mail us a request. There’s no charge.

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