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THE OWL AND THE CENTIPEDE… A Cautionary Tale for Printers

A mid-size printer closed a few months ago. No big news by itself, but their story was especially poignant, because Alonzo Printing had been recognized in the press for doing many of the right things – establishing a name as an environmentally responsible printer, and repositioning the company as a marketing services provider. Continue reading

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A Recession Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

It’s unclear whether our economy will recover its enthusiasm in the foreseeable future. But there’s one small bright spot in the continuing uncertainty – because the downturn has encouraged many printers to make long-overdue changes in their business. Continue reading

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Don’t give away your productivity improvements — at least not by accident

When printers improve their productivity, lots of good things happen, but there’s one bad thing that often happens by accident. Prices come down even before customers have begun beating up the printer. Here’s why: If you reduce your make-ready times … Continue reading

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Winning More Bids

GET YOUR ESTIMATORS TO STOP PROTECTING THEMSELVES! We can almost guarantee that many of your quotes are too high. Why? It’s not because you’ve decided to raise prices. It’s because your estimators think they’re protecting themselves (and the plant) by … Continue reading

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Having Meaningful Discussions with your Managers

Most CEO’s don’t have a productive method for discussing operations with their senior managers. We’ve found that the secret to useful discussions lies in creating a structure that everyone understands – so everyone is prepared and no one is surprised. … Continue reading

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Want More business? Just Say YES to That Extra Job!

If you think you’re fully booked in the plant, just ask yourself these questions: When did a job come in exactly when expected? Or earlier? When did proofs come back exactly when expected? Or earlier? That’s why your production manager … Continue reading

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RH Rosen Associates, Inc. advises Franklin Communications and Dynacolor Graphics on merger

As long-time advisors to both Dynacolor Graphics and Franklin Communications, we assisted in completing this transaction -– combining Florida’s most highly-awarded color printer and one of the nation’s leading marketers of specialty printed products. Continue reading

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